Saturday, February 5, 2011

2010 Season

In 2010, the spring season had limited boating opportunites during the average peak flows between April 1st and May 15th. Inner city Duluth creeks and the Split rock were all that ran.

Paddlemania was a big hit once again in 2010. It keeps growing every year.  This year's paddlemania saw an increase from 6 paddlers to 11 paddlers doing the Slot Machine Showdown, a first and second descent of the Beak on Octopus rapid in the Dynamic Duo tandem kayak, a midnight run down the lower, and lots of laughs around the fire.

2010 did see a great fall season all across the Midwest in late September for two weeks. The Brule, Devils Track, Cascade, Lester in Minnesota and the Presque Isle, Black, Falls, Slate, Silver rivers in Michigan all recieved enough rain for fun runs. It was my first trip to paddle the L'ance area rivers and they were pretty good quality rivers.